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The Anxious Child Podcast

Feb 26, 2024

Ellie Campbell is a mom of two, wife, photographer, writer, copy editor… and very much a worrier. Having dealt with anxiety since she was very young, she has spent decades working on it with therapists and reading countless books and articles on the topic. Through Be Brave Press, she hopes to pass along knowledge and support in fun, new ways to families around the world who are struggling with anxiety. She and her family live in Sarasota, Florida with their lovable and nervous dog, Charlie.


Today we talk about her own experience with anxiety and managing her kids' anxiety at the same time. Ellie is a wealth of information and is well spoken, relatable, and funny to boot! 


The Anxious Child is a podcast for therapists and parents who are looking for ways to best help their child with anxiety. It is hosted by licensed psychotherapist Stephen Quinlan, who has over 20 years of experience. Please subscribe to the show for more great episodes.
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